Festive Beauty Countdown Tiara Gift Card

🎄 20 Days to Go 🎄 Kickstart Glow: Vitamin C Facial Begin your festive countdown with a Vitamin C Facial to revive your skin’s radiance and boost that holiday glow.

🎄 17 Days to Go 🎄 Hair Spa Extravaganza: Nourish Your Locks Indulge in a luxurious Hair Spa treatment to pamper your tresses and get them ready for the festive styling ahead.

🎄 15 Days to Go 🎄 Gua Sha Radiance: Facial Rejuvenation Experience the transformative power of a Gua Sha Facial to lift, tone, and contour your face, leaving you looking radiant and refreshed.

🎄 10 Days to Go 🎄 Waxing and Threading Perfection Prep for the holidays with our precise Waxing and Threading services, ensuring smooth and polished skin for your festive look.

🎄 7 Days to Go 🎄 Highlights or Hair Color Transformation Add a touch of glamour to your locks with Highlights or a stunning Hair Color transformation. Shine bright at every holiday event!

🎄 5 Days to Go 🎄 Lavish Lashes: LVL Lash Lift Elevate your gaze with an LVL Lash Lift for lifted, voluminous lashes that will make your eyes pop at all the Christmas parties.

🎄 3 Days to Go 🎄 HD Brows Elegance: Brow Perfection Achieve brow perfection with our HD Brows treatment, framing your face for a flawless and sophisticated look.

🎄 Christmas Eve 🎄 Festive Finale: Wash and Blow Dry Prepare for the grand celebration with a Wash and Blow Dry session. Our skilled stylists will create a stunning hairstyle that complements your festive attire.

Book your Christmas treatments now and let Tiara Organic be part of your holiday beauty transformation! 🎁🌟✨