Wash, Cut & Blow-Dry

A fresh haircut at our hair & beauty salon and a new style could be all it takes to lift your mood and put the spring back in your step. Complimented with a blow dry will refresh your hair and look polished and impeccable. Whether you love voluminous bouncy curls or sleek and straight shine, the styling team know exactly how to deliver that flawless, stunning style you love.


Blow drying at our hair & beauty salon, can improve its overall appearance, whether you want a smooth, shiny, or voluminous look. If you want big hair, blow drying can add tons of volume while reducing frizz. And if you want to rock straighter strands, you can get that pin-straight look from blow drying alone. 


Hair Spa (Ayurvedic Hair Conditioning Treatment)

Hair Spa by TIARA ORGANIC has been designed for all hair types. Each botanical ritual is tailored specifically to your hair needs. We only use pure organic oils and masks for all our treatments.   After your consultation your therapist will recommend the best treatment suitable for your hair type. You will leave the salon feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and invigorated by a personalised experience.


Roots / Regrowth

Regrowth, targets the roots of grey hair, offering a precise and seamless solution for those seeking to maintain a consistent hair color. This technique is meticulously designed to address the natural growth of hair at the roots, where grey strands tend to emerge prominently, causing a noticeable contrast with the rest of the hair. Through expert application, Regrowth ensures a flawless blend, effectively covering grey roots with the desired color, whether matching the existing shade or introducing a new hue. By skillfully addressing this common concern, Regrowth provides clients with refreshed and polished looks, enhancing their overall appearance and confidence.



Color Services /Highlights / Balayage

Head colouring is exactly what it sounds like. At our hair & beauty salon, we help our clients to determine the most suitable colour, taking into account their skin tone, and use the most effective and healthy methods to transform your hair into the desired result. There are different types of head colour options, and we will be happy to discuss all of them when you book your appointment. The options include: • All-over permanent colour. • Semi-permanent gloss to add shine and colour tone. • Toner to use on pre-lightened hair to achieve delicate colours. • Root tint to touch-up light or dark roots. This is also an excellent choice for white or grey re-growth.


Keratin Hair Smoothing

Indulge in effortlessly beautiful, glossy hair every single day with minimal effort. Say goodbye to unruly locks and hello to manageability, frizz-free strands, and an irresistibly shiny finish that radiates confidence effortlessly. Bid farewell to those dreaded bad hair days for good. Our Hair & Beauty salon proudly suggests the hair smoothening treatment, a transformative solution that tames frizz and banishes dryness, leaving your hair sleek and lustrous. By replenishing keratin to rebellious strands, this treatment revitalizes the hair’s fundamental structure, unveiling a stunning, polished look that’s sure to turn heads.

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